Metal Casting Workshops

Students will transform their creations in clay,plaster or mixed media into a permanent, all weather material (metal!) through the low tech, east to learn, immediately gratifying process of sand casting.
Students will learn to transform their original artwork into metal in a fraction of the time required by traditional lost wax casting. This workshop is suited for all levels whether you are an expert in another media or a sculptural novice.
Students will start out their first workshop making a Relief Sculpture, Mandala or Mask. These options offer a great opportunity to learn the process while being simple enough to guarantee a successful project outcome.
In this three session workshop with class size no larger than 3 students, you will receive one on one instruction to aid you in creating at least two pieces:the original pattern (plaster cast from clay) and one finished metal piece cast directly from it in aluminum. Recycled aluminum produces light weight, economical work with many possibilities for surface treatment. Basic moldmaking and foundry techniques are also be covered, no prior experience necessary.
$150 fee includes all materials and this workshop is repeatable for those who become totally  addicted to this fun,easy process.
next workshop offered Jan 2017. Send email to to express your interest,  get exact dates and reserve your spot today.

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